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All About Elon

All About Elon

Elon has grown from our tiny infant to a curious toddler and now onto a practical preschooler.  She has developed quite the personality and is constantly trying to keep up with her big sister.

Elon has also been previously attending a Mandarin Immersion school.  She and Steggie often speak to each other in Chinese as a "secret language" that they keep from Mom and Dad.

Elon has surely shown us her preference for reading books, playing on slides, and playing with whatever her sister is playing with.

How did she get the name "Elon"?

Again, Andrew is sure that he only creates boys. The first girl was a fluke--he swears. So, he started calling this baby "Elon" after Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX. Again, after we found out that "he" was actually another "she," Steggie had already latched on to the name "Baby Elon" and we had ourselves another nickname. Don't worry, we're putting money aside for therapy for both kids when they are older, for we are sure that they are going to think that their parents really wanted boys instead of girls.

But surely you don't call her that!

Elon is her given middle name (check the birth certificate if you don't believe us). We call her Elon, mostly because she doesn't know her given first name!