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About The Ranallos

Andrew and Erin:

We're the mom and dad of this small clan. We live in Orange County, CA. In our pre-kid days we enjoyed scuba diving, hiking in the local mountains, golf, snowboarding, playing board games, and sleeping in late. Once we had the second kid (the one after the furry one), life changed and well...kids.

As our family grew, we found that we like to work on projects around the house, we enjoy working on training with the dog, and we are passionate about Montessori education.

About Copernicus:

Copernicus is our lovable, furry, first child. We try not to let him know that he's adopted--he's tall, we're short; he can grow facial hair, Andrew can't... You can find out more about Copernicus here.

About Steggie:

Steggie is our inquisitive first grader. She's a joy to be around (especially when she is using her "listening ears") and we're constantly in awe with what she's learning and discovering on a daily basis. She currently attends a Montessori School.  You can find out more about Steggie here.

About Elon:

Elon is the icing on our family cake. She has really developed her own personality and it's neat to watch her try to keep up with her sister while figuring out the world. You can find out more about Elon here.