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Stegosaurus Ranallo

What's new with Steggie?

Steggie loves going to school every day and learning new things. Steggie loves to sing, dance, and dress up. Wearing dresses and skirts are a favorite and she tends to layer many on top of each other.

She was previously attending a Mandarin Immersion school and now speaks Chinese "pretty well."  We are constantly learning new words in Mandarin from her...fruits, animals, and the occasional "butt" or "stinky."

How did she get the name "Stegosaurus"?

Like all dads, Andrew was sure that he only has boys and that she was guaranteed to be a boy. So we started calling the baby "Stegosaurus."

What's cool when you are a 5-year old boy? Dinosaurs. How cool would it be if you were named after a dinosaur? You'd have all the friends and kindergarden popularity is oh-so important.

When "he" turned out to be a "she" we kept with the name but it evolved into "Steggie." Most of the time, we call her Steggie. She knows when she is in trouble when we say "Stegosaurus" and when Mom says "Catherine," trouble is afoot.

What is her given name?

Steggie's first name is Catherine.